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27 August 2006

Back on the block

I'M BACK from a month that was both busy and bizarre. In the aftermath of the Mumbai blasts, several ISPs (including mine) in India blocked,, and This left me (and countless other bloggers) helplessly silent amidst the media hysteria following the terrorist surprises of the past six weeks. This afternoon, I was going to sit down and write about how July was not too jolly and how August augured badly. Then I realized that the events in India, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom have already reached some semblance of an ending. For the time being, I can write about hopeful things.

I am so glad to return to the blogosphere that I spent the whole afternoon today tweaking the site, reclassifying the posts into various categories, and organizing my list of links to other sites worth reading. Keep watching this space. More precisely, watch the space on the left.