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16 June 2013

Turning 48

IN TURNING 48 today, I look forward to the new changes and chapters that will unfold for me as I near the end of my first fifty years. If there's one thing that never changes, it's the commercial celebration of Father's Day on the third Sunday of every June. This year, for the first time ever, it falls on my birthday. When I turned 47 last year, I remembered my father, Catalino Ancheta (1931-2002), and I wrote:

His greatest legacy is my family's spiritual foundation: the Bahá'í Faith. . .a gift that forever changed my understanding of how life must be lived, for oneself and for others. It's a present that remains unmatched and irreplaceable, the greatest I've ever had and will probably ever have.

My thoughts remain on my father's spiritual legacy. Today, everywhere, people are remembering the legacies of their own fathers. I cheer all the sons and daughters who've made fathers the proudest, happiest people in the world!

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