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27 February 2020

A college reunion in India

WE FIRST met in October 1984 as interior design students at the University of the Philippines. Through the next three years, we assisted each other with our class assignments, projects, and semestral theses. After college, we had each other's back through the struggles and triumphs of building careers and families. Last weekend, we were old friends getting together again, reminiscing on those many years of friendship.

26 February 2020

40 years of being a Barbra Streisand fan

FORTY YEARS ago today, I fell in love with Barbra Streisand. I was watching the live telecast of the 1980 Grammy Awards, and suddenly I beheld an unannounced performance of "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" by Neil Diamond and her. It was the most romantic pairing of voices I had ever heard. It was pure. It was electric.

09 February 2020

FOCAL POINT : Brian De Palma, "Mission to Mars"

I MISSED watching Mission to Mars during its theatrical run in 2000. After finally seeing it on Netflix tonight, I was disappointed. Nothing is remarkable except for the fact that Brian De Palma allowed himself to aggrandize a very lame plot. It gets worse with an imperiously dated and soggy soundtrack and a predictable and soggy ending.

I should have kept missing it.