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23 June 2018

EPITAPH : Feliza Ancheta-Rellosa (1925-2018)

LAST NIGHT, my father's last surviving sister, Feliza Ancheta-Rellosa (1925-2018), fell peacefully into slumber, sang with the gentle breezes of her dreams, and drifted tenderly to the celestial world. She moved on with the same elegance and grace that she showered on us in her long, beautiful life. Thanks for all the memories, Tita Fely, and see you again.

18 June 2018

The summer flowers of Biba

BIBA'S BEAUTIFUL summer is about to end; those flowers in the windows are about to be plucked. Kudos once again to the hardworking visual merchandising team of Biba for helping make the windows bloom.

06 June 2018

TIME covers drones covering TIME

This week's TIME magazine has arguably its best cover in a very long, er, time. In this case, TIME doesn't just cover drones: drones cover time, literally. And the outcome is both as hopeful and ominous as its well-written coverage. Read about this special coverage (with a special cover) online.

Like Google, TIME's brand authority is so potent that it can totally manipulate its logo and remain recognizable. TIME changes with the times, but the face is still the same.