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20 May 2007

Mark & Mara . . . & Liam

Liam Ulluru Fojas
Image source: Fojalicious Photo Stream

LIAM ULLURU Fojas has finally arrived in this world! Born 4 April 2007, Liam has the patrician chin of Mama Mara and the inquisitive eyes of Papa Mark. He is a beautiful child who looks ready to explore the wonders of his new world.

Congratulations, Mark & Mara . . . & Liam!

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19 May 2007

Romina and Arman get engaged!

Romina Bahram and Arman Imani

The future Mr. and Mrs. Arman Imani
Image source: Arman and Romina

ROMINA BAHRAMI and Arman Imani have decided to tie the knot this year!

They are two of the kindest friends I have ever known. She belonged to the group I perpetually dragged to my Haifa, Israel flat for dinners and horrible DVDs; he was a congenial gentleman who patiently withstood my questionable humor and wit . . . and the first person to ever leave a comment on this blog. Together, they make a ravishingly beautiful pair, driven by their pure hearts, their love for each other, and their love for Bahá'u'lláh.

I am thrilled for this couple and the future they will bring together. Here's to the big wedding day!

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18 May 2007


One of my masksMASKS DECORATE my flat in Mumbai. Collected during travels in Asia, these works of art teach me much about the diversity of people and cultural achievement. has written about my mask indulgence. Read about it on “A World of Masks” and “Decorating with Masks”.

13 May 2007

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

ON THE OCCASION of Mother's Day, I share with you my thoughts about female fortitude in an essay I wrote after undergoing minor surgery two years ago. I thought you would enjoy reading it with today's celebration of womanhood.

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06 May 2007

Viral marketing: 
Samsung Mobile, “Millimetres Matter”

“Millimetres Matter”
Link reference:

THE VIRAL Factory has done a spectacular job with “Millimetres Matter”, a viral video demonstrating the slimness of Samsung Mobile's Ultra Edition II handsets. Directed by Richard de Aragues, the just-released ad shows a microscopic pie fight with insects, shot at high speed and brilliantly edited. Strauss' “Blue Danube” provides the graceful music to this ballet of a fight.

The ad is posted on YouTube and provides a link to Watch out, though: this site quickly redirects you to Samsung Mobile Europe's Samsung Mobile Web site, where nothing suggests the viral campaign at all!


  • Agency: The Viral Factory, London

  • Creative: The Viral Factory

  • Production Co: Mad Cow Films, London

  • Director: Richard de Aragues & Steve Downer

  • Producer: Jonas Blanchard & Nicholas Unsworth

  • Editor: Rick Waller

  • DOP: Steve Downer

  • Post Facility: Rushes

  • Telecine Artist: Simone Grattarola

  • VFX Artists: Brian Carbin, Richie White, Paul Hannaford, Emir Hasham, Matt Jackson

  • After Effects: Brad Le Riche

For the love of corniks

A bag of cornsI AM RELISHING the last few grams of corniks, about to say goodbye to the only genuine Philippine snack that I can have in India. I bought the crunchy corn snack by the bag during my recent travel to Manila, hoping it could last until my next home visit. Alas, it is such an addicting and delicious break from the masala-infused snacks of India, that those three bags are gone in sixty seconds.

Toasted in garlic and drizzled with salt, corniks is a truly riveting Philippine snack that ranks with Magnolia Popsicle, Choc-Nut chocolate bars, banana cue, and halo-halo as amongst the best loved childhood favorites for most Filipinos—and amongst their top all-time sinful indulgences. I have no idea where the name corniks stems from; obviously, it is a take-off from “corn”.

My Indian friends and colleagues never had the chance to try my bags of corniks. I am not sure they would enjoy the snack anyway. Last week, I discovered two staple Philippine vegetables—kangkong and pechay—being sold as specialty foods in HyperCity. I was so thrilled at the discovery that I sent an SMS to a former colleague in HyperCity.

“Thanks for carrying these vegetables! I will be their biggest consumer in India!”

What she said made me laugh. She replied, “And probably the only one.”

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05 May 2007

FOCAL POINT : Cyrus Parvini, “The Promise of World Peace: A Bahá'í Perspective”

Preview of the 30-minute documentary film
Link reference:

FOR BAHÁ’ÍS, global peace is not just an achievable goal, no matter how long it takes to reach it: it is the inevitable fact of God's Will for humanity and represents the next stage in the continuing social and spiritual evolution of the planet.

A new documentary film, “The Promise of World Peace: A Bahá’í Perspective”, evinces this belief through a well-produced dialogue of historical facts, interviews, and actual footage. On center stage is a brilliant portrait of the Bahá’ís and their continuing efforts in promoting a just and peaceful world in these days of conflict. The documentary is produced and directed by Cyrus Parvini in association with Clear Sky Pictures, an award-winning, non-Bahá’í film producing company in Portland, Oregon, USA.

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03 May 2007

FOCAL POINT : Annette Hodermann, Potter

Annette Hoderman's workGERMAN POTTER ANNETTE HODERMANN (b.1960) has launched her Web site showcasing her works in pottery. Based in Töpferhof
near Hamburg, the artist draws her inspiration from the natural patterns of the verdant and rocky hills, brilliant skies, and aquamarine seas. The forms ranges from the austere with a hint of Bauhaus to the fantastic spiked with a sudden sense of curvilinear drama.

Annette also creates a range of ceramic décor for home and garden, and provides workshops for children. See her collections on Pottery in Töpferhof (the site is in German).

02 May 2007

The Bahá’í Temple in North America

THE BAHÁ'Í House of Worship in North America has just been voted as one of the the Seven Wonders of Illinois.

Dedicated in 1953, the Temple in Wilmette is one of eight temples around the world, built as gathering places of prayer and meditation for people of all faiths.

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