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05 May 2007

FOCAL POINT : Cyrus Parvini, “The Promise of World Peace: A Bahá'í Perspective”

Preview of the 30-minute documentary film
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FOR BAHÁ’ÍS, global peace is not just an achievable goal, no matter how long it takes to reach it: it is the inevitable fact of God's Will for humanity and represents the next stage in the continuing social and spiritual evolution of the planet.

A new documentary film, “The Promise of World Peace: A Bahá’í Perspective”, evinces this belief through a well-produced dialogue of historical facts, interviews, and actual footage. On center stage is a brilliant portrait of the Bahá’ís and their continuing efforts in promoting a just and peaceful world in these days of conflict. The documentary is produced and directed by Cyrus Parvini in association with Clear Sky Pictures, an award-winning, non-Bahá’í film producing company in Portland, Oregon, USA.

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