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14 May 2006

Breezes, rebridged

COCOY AQUINO REMINISCED about Breezes and Bridges, the musical event that we co-produced in Israel late in 2004. In his letter last Thursday, he wrote:

It really brings back the sweet memories of all the hard work and cooperation of the friends in preparation for this grand presentation. Thank you for creating and updating this site. We hope to join force again in the future for another inspiring presentation.

Cast performing the closing number, Love In Any Language. Source: and Bridges has become the single most memorable project that I have ever undertaken since leaving school. Tracing the history of faith in Southeast Asia and presenting it in 60 minutes to an audience of 600 was as exhilarating as it was daunting. In between were the preparations for the script, the music, the staging, and the Web site. Above it all was the turnover of my work, as I was due to leave the organization after the show.

The learnings derived from every aspect of the project—whether in researching for material or collaborating with colleagues of varying nationalities—continue to reaffirm my belief in the unity of religion and the oneness of the human race. Today, those learnings assist me in the daily ways of living in India, a land of true diversity. (Interestingly, Breezes and Bridges begins its journey from India, where Hinduism and Buddhism were born!)


Ming said...

Hey Pauly put the kettle on!
The weblink doesn't work?! I do miss it too! ;) I always mention abt ur talent when speaking to friends about musicals and artistic presentations. Miss u man! Do get the link working. Would love to see the photos once again to reminise hehe...

Paul Ancheta said...

Ming Ming Ming! The server was down for a while; it works now. Go check and see how fabulous you were on stage with Swee. I was telling Arman the other day how I put you and Swee on stage so Swee can escape the boredom of being stage manager for the show. Ha!

:: Paul A.

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