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17 September 2006

Pluto comes home

Pluto in my flat

Pluto in my flat with his toy and and his potential daybed

I HAVE a new cat, and his name is Pluto. He is a Persian kitten, the third in a litter born on 6 July 2006 in Pune, the second-largest city in the state of Maharashtra.

I took him home through seven hours of driving back to Mumbai, no thanks to the sudden downpour that clogged the streets. Through the havoc, he took turns sleeping on my lap and playing with my necklace. What a fantastic preview of things to come as he grows up. Or as we grow up together.

Those of you who knew about my cats in Israel (Tiger, Cleopatra, Java, and that moogie that almost killed me in the kitchen) will be delighted that Pluto not only shares their brown colors (he is a red tabby), he also likes to dance with someone looking like Behi Sobhani. (The breeder, a young Indian man who also breeds bonsais and terrariums, looks like Behi Sobhani. When he jumped up to fetch something from the kitchen, Pluto must have thought that the young man was about to dance, so he jumped up along with him.)


Anonymous said...

ahhhh! he is GORGEOUS. Congratulations Paulito.
Hope you are well and you are enjoying your time there.
Lots of love,
Manijeh x

Anonymous said...

Hey. Dr. Paul, what are you cleaning your floors with??? They are impacable! you certainly got a tip from a certain CMD office eh?? Oh oh, yes... the cat. sooo cute! good move Mr. Ancheta.

Anonymous said...

MANIJEH: I still have to train this Persian male to respond properly to my question: "Shambe chekar kardee?"

LAURA: Ha! Definitely CMD material here in my flat. The only thing missing is a gigantic vacuum cleaner similar to what you guys used to lug around.

tahmina, amir & azamat said...

he is very pretty

Anonymous said...

man be kenare darya raftam. he he he (followed by quick fick of the hair)

Anonymous said...

Well, if coming home to my flat is like going to the beach, then he definitely darya raftam himself last Kardee. (Flicks away long hair strands stuck on my face by Manijeh's Palmolive flick)

Seebz said...

hahaha.. I wish i was there to witness the hair flick. although its not too hard to imagine. You're cat has your sense of humor. cracked me up. You're cat responded to your persian question, he/she just demonstrated what it was like on Shambeh(saturday) - a darya (sea). (wicked laugh)

Seebz said...

oh, she looks really cute, baby cat features. Who took the picture? Its really nice.

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