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17 November 2006

Two things you must know

Clueless!WHEN YOU are stuck in a conversation with a CEO or the wife of the prime minister and you don't know what else to say, tell them two things:

1. The Georgian word for “frog croaks in the water” is “cbakhi tskhalshi khikhinebs”. You must practice this thoroughly because the Georgian language is famous for the “kh” sound, which is a strangled aspirated glottal sound that appears four times in “cbakhi tskhalshi khikhinebs”.

2. Also, the Inuit Eskimo word for “I just have to give up drinking” is “Imminngernaveersaartunngortussaavunga”. It is most impressive if you say this with your lips not touching each other and your left eyebrow arched.

There. I hope you learned something new and useful today.


Seebz said...

hehe. i can imagine you doing that. actually tried saying the Inuit word .. no way

Happy new gregorian year to you :)


Paul Ancheta said...

Well, Sabzee, you must cbakhi tskhalshi khikhinebs a lot, especially in the presence of your husband and his parents. I'm sure they will be delighted to cbakhi tskhalshi khikhinebs back to you.

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