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30 December 2006

As 2007 rolls in

Happy New Year!

may you celebrate your birthday
     celebrating the sunrise and the sunset
     that will shine brightly with your birthday.

Happy New Year!May your health increase
     exponentially with your wealth
     so that you can pay the bill
     to get a clean bill of health.

May your blood pressure,
     your cholesterol, and your flat lease
     never rise,
and may your cheeks,
     your teeth, and your stocks
     never fall.

May you travel around Mumbai or Manila or Mongkok
     during rush hours with ease,
and when you get to Mumbai or Manila or Mongkok
     during rush hours with ease,
may you find space to park your car
     or space to share your space
     with another car.

May you live at peace with your neighbor,
     your in-laws, and your colleagues,
and may the person you see in the mirror delight you
     and the person others see in you delight them.

May someone love you enough
     to accept your faults
     and see you beyond your faults
     and tell the world the virtues
     that he or she has seen.

Above all, may you continue to smile,
and may your days and nights be filled with laughter.

May that laughter quicken the zeal
     and rekindle the hopes of the person next to you
     and lead that person to laugh and smile with you.

And if grief visits you,
may you rise above it, brave and undisturbed,
     ever so confident and trusting
     in the abounding grace of God.

Happy New Year!May you have
     a delightful,

:: Paul A.

Listen to ”Man In The Mirror” performed by Rockapella.


Anonymous said...

stumbling on your blog and finding so many new posts is fun.... i guess i can quit moaning at you to update it for a while now.
hope you have a great new year...
loads of love,
manijeh xx

Paul Ancheta said...

Thanks for stumbling! I hope you didn't flick your hair too much as you stumbled. It's a challenge to keep the blog updated, with all my posts in draft mode. But there are so much stories to tell!

And so have you managed to get your SEER records in place at the UK Archives?

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