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11 August 2007

Welcome, Elfida!

Elfida Laroya

Elfida Laroya
Image source: Rhea Aquino

ELFIDA ALICI LAROYA is now a member of the whole human race, thanks to Arnold and Çanan Alici Laroya!

Elfida was born on 9 August 2007 in Haifa, Israel—a much-awaited event, as she comes three years after her parents tied the knot in a ceremony I tried to beautify (well, they got me to decorate their wedding!). Based on photos that I have seen on Rhea Aquino's Flick album, Elfida seems to have taken after Arnold's Shah Rukh Khan-ish nose and Çanan's eyes and mouth. Her name is Greek for “daughter of the wind&rdquo, which is most appropriate since her Filipino father sings with the gentleness of a breeze and her Turkish mother dances with the lightness of a feather in the wind. Wait till this little lady grows up to be a singer, dancer, and teacher like her amazing parents!

Congratulations, Arnold and Çanan . . . and Maligayang pagdating/Hos geldiniz, Elfida!


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