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01 January 2008

As 2008 rolls in

Happy New Year!

may you celebrate your birthday
      celebrating the joyous sunlight that will shine on you
      throughout your new year.

Happy New Year!In spring,
      may your health increase
      with your wealth.
When the flowers bloom,
      may you not sneeze.
May you find someone to squeeze
      and someone to give those flowers to.

In summer,
      may your feet never sweat
      and may your neighbors offer no threat.
In the scorching heat,
      may your cholesterol and your lease
            never rise,
      and may your cheeks and your stocks
            never fall.

At the time of monsoons,
      when the rains crash and the winds scream,
            may all you hear is the sweetness of a breeze
            and the gentleness of a stream.

And at wintertime,
      when the cold chills come,
      may your family and your home stay warm.

May your colleagues and associates
      treat you with peace.
And if at work you stand in doubt,
      may you stand with wisdom and ease.

Above all, may you continue to smile,
and may your days and nights be filled with laughter.

May that laughter echo 'round you
      and rekindle the hopes of the person next to you
      and lead that person to laugh and smile with you.

And if grief visits you,
      may you rise above it, unfettered and confident
            in the endless grace of God.

Happy New Year!May you have
      a fruitful,

:: Paul A.


Anonymous said...

Wonderfull thought,
from an amazing person!

Wish you all the luck & blessings for the new year and all the years to come.

May allah bless you!

Mersha :)(always smiling)

Paul Ancheta said...

Hi Mersha! Thanks for the message. Have fun and keep laughing while packing up for your London travel. Do call me before you leave.

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