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17 December 2007

TRAVEL TALES : Sunday in the park with Gujus

VADODARA HAS some of the widest tree-lined streets that I have seen in India. Still called by its old name—Baroda—the city, with its universities and museums, is dubbed the cultural capital of the state of Gujarat (north of Maharashtra).

I was here on a one-day business travel, and with a late Sunday afternoon to spare, I thought I should visit the lush, green Sayaji Barg as recommended strongly by my driver. The place is a sprawling park housing a zoo, a planetarium, an old toy train, and the imposing Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery. I had a glimpse of how lazy a Sunday afternoon could get at this otherwise bustling industrial city: Gujarati families gathered together for picnics, couples were napping on the grass, young adults played tag. Tag! this is the first time in a very long time that I saw adults playing tag.

The sights that afternoon weren't exactly rural, but they seemed taken from a 1970s movie scene. Charming.


Anonymous said...

oh yes Paul.. You are perfectly right... Baroda - the cultural city of India (sanskari nagri).
Remember me ?? Sachin(Marketing- Baroda).. I think VM really did the Best job and here we see the results. Long queues of people all set to get inside the store since morning. Here people were there from various parts of the country to help the staff and make them learn the process and procedures but even you will agree to the fact that baroda will become the learning centre for everyone after a short duration of time. People will come here to learn.


Paul Ancheta said...

Hi, Sachin. Can't believe it's been four weeks since we stormed into Baroda and created a ruckus over there! I need to blog about the store--watch for it.

Two more members of the national category VM team will visit Baroda tomorrow and Thursday--be nice to them :)

Sanskari nagri? What is that?

:: Paul A.

Anonymous said...

Hi paul,
I have sent u the e-mail regarding the services of spencer in baroda. I got very disappointed when i came to know that spencer doesnt provide the home delievey .Though I was regular customer I was not provided a home delivery . My 3 hrs has just wasted whatever shopping I did I had to left at spencer only just because they do not provide a home delievery . And you know what! the height of a stupidity was they were ready to give the home delievey of a bulk things like oil etc and when i said that as u r going to a delievery of a oil why cant u do the delievery of all things they said its against our rule.
the total weight of my shopping things was 30 kg in that oil weighing 15 ltr .Am I wrong and moreover i am staying in a 3rd floor.Anyways thanks


Paul Ancheta said...

Dear Shweta,

Thank you for your message. I checked with the store management team, and they have confirmed that the store provides home delivery to customers with minimum bill value of Rs1500 and who reside within 5 km from the store.

You may wish to check the store again. I wish you more happy shopping times with Spencer's!

:: Paul A.

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