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18 December 2009

SIGHTED SITE : Monarch Hotel, Bengaluru

Situated along the very busy Brigade Road in downtown Bengaluru, Monarch Hotel is value for money for travelers who wish to stay in a central location. It is neither frilly nor modern, but it is clean and safe, tucked away above a commercial building, with friendly front-desk service. There are restaurants within the vicinity, and for travelers who are excited with bargain-hunting opportunities at Brigade Road, this hotel is very convenient.

However, with its lack of modern amenities and location in a very busy neighborhood, Monarch Hotel is clearly not for those who are traveling for rest. The hotel entrance is set back from the street through a staircase, which senior travelers may find inconvenient. The hotel provides car rental service.

Be warned, though, that I had trouble with the hotel's car rental service, which the hotel apparently outsourced. The driver was disrespectful throughout my entire usage of the car and tried to charge me for his trip back to the city from the airport (which was approximately Rs.150 or USD3). Had he been congenial, I would have given him this fare.

Monarch Hotel
54 Brigade Road (across Nilgris Supermarket), Bengaluru, India

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Praveen said...

cool, so when did you land in Bangalore ..

Paul Ancheta said...

I was there on the 16th and 17th. I'll hook up with you when I stay longer next time.

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