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06 January 2010

FOCAL POINT : Leyla & Ryan Haidarian,
“Beyond King of the Mountain”

Beyond King of the Mountain from Doubletake TV on Vimeo.

DEMOCRACY, FOR all its adherence to the principles of equality and freedom, has repeatedly shown how it leads to such destructive forces as economic inefficiency, short-termism, and “tyranny of the majority".

But do we have a better choice than this form of government?  Can a genuine “by the people for the people” system truly exist in this world, one that is driven by gentleness and justice for everyone?

Filmmakers Leyla & Ryan Haidarian think so. In the new documentary Beyond King of the Mountain, they explore alternative assumptions to democratic rule, begging the question: Can we conceive of democracy that is win/win and non-adversarial?

Watch it at

And do tell me what you think.


kimberley said...

Thank you for posting this here, Paul! I'd not have found the Haidarian's work, otherwise! Well done! Will pass it on.

And thank you for sharing your photos and observations of the VofB tour of India. Beautiful images, beautiful writing.


Paul Ancheta said...

Thanks for the visit to the blog and for the comments, Kimberley!

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