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14 June 2012

Globus returns to Kanpur

Globus Kanpur Store Launch
Link reference: Paul Ancheta on Vimeo.

GLOBUS STORES, India's premier fashion specialty store, opened its 36th branch last Friday at Z Square Mall in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.  This also marks the return of Globus to this north Indian city, having closed its first (and highly successful) store there a few years ago.  See how the new store looks like in the video below.

I was in Kanpur for a week with several members of the company’s visual merchandising team to help open the store. While I spent most of my waking hours inside the store (and the mall), I did have daily glimpses of a huge, sprawling, industrialized city on my way to and from the store.

A highlight was seeing Z Square Mall on Sunday.  It seemed to me that half of Uttar Pradesh—India’s most populous state—was in the mall that day.  Most of them were families.  There are obvious reasons for this mall-flocking in such an industrialized community: the entertainment factor, the need to escape the seething heat (48 degrees that day) of a furious late summer, and the Indian's unshakable values for family and fraternity. The crowds were a spectacular mix of northern and eastern Indians, with turbaned Sikhs and veiled Muslims mingling in.  Needless to say, the streets around Z Square Mall were choked.  They do take their Sunday-offs seriously.

Experiencing all this was a reminder of the stupendous force of India’s population. I enjoyed opening our store in Kanpur, and opening my eyes to its humanity!


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