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12 January 2009

Congratulations, AR Rahman!

AR Rahman winning the Golden Globe
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AR RAHMAN won earlier today the Golden Globe award for Best Original Music Score for "Slumdog Millionaire", the first Indian to win a Golden Globe. Visibly surprised, the winner thanked the "billion people of India" on stage. Hey, that includes me! You're welcome, Mr Rahman!

It's a fabulous birthday gift for Mr Rahman, who celebrated his 43rd birthday last week. He's one of India's most prolific and most celebrated writers of film music, amongst others. If ever he gets tired of writing for Bollywood, he can always find a job in Manila: Filipinos will love his mushy, gushing love songs.

I watched the delayed telecast of the show tonight, and I still can't figure out what David Duchovny said about Mr Rahman's name, correcting, incorrectly, the pronunciation as "Rooman". If it was a joke, I didn't get it: it's terribly flat. Mr Duchnovy, it's "Rehman". Were you feeling sore for losing to the fabulous Alec Baldwin in one of the Best Actor categories?

Congratulations, AR Rahman . . . and congratulations, India, for this new victory!

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Sieni A.M. said...

I LOVE AR Rahman! he makes the most beautiful music. congrats to him and to you too!

Praveen said...

Hey Paul

Great to catch you on Blogspot , Your blogspot theme really rocks!! Did u design it yourself? ..


Paul Ancheta said...

Thanks, Sieni. Glad to know you enjoy his music, too. How are you?

Paul Ancheta said...

Hi Praveen. Yes, I did design the template in keeping with the look and feel of rest of my Web site ( I'm presently updating it. The upgrade (which is badly needed) is a lot of work, but I hope to finish it before President Obama's second term in office ends. :)

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