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24 January 2009

Slumdog slam

“Jai Ho”
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INDIANS, AND lovers of India, have another great reason to be ecstatic: the international recognition made by the ten—get it, TEN!--Oscar nominations on the British-Indian film "Slumdog Millionare". This is fabulous vindication for a movie that almost went straight to DVD, has two virtual unknowns on lead roles, and apparently tackles the gritty realities of Mumbai's once-world-famous slums without the drecky, cheesy manners of Bollywood. It's been premiered here in India; I must see it AND listen to AR Rahman's soundtrack. (Mr Rahman alone accounted for three of those ten noms. Whew. 'Atta man.)

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Unknown said...

Hi, I thought that the movie was good, especially the first half, but would not call it the movie of the year as some do.

Btw, I met many Indians that were quite upset with the movie. They said that the movie showed only the worst of India and that it got so many nominations just because it was made by US/UK, yet there are better movies made in India that never got any recognition. This is just what I learned in some discussion I took part in.

Paul Ancheta said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I haven't seen the movie yet, but it's in my To-Do list ASAP.

I think that the international award-giving bodies are recognizing the fact that the West has given a gritty portrayal of India in ways that Bollywood or Hollywood never have. The last time the West showcased India was with "Gandhi", and look where it went.

Nevertheless, I'll reserve my further comments once I've seen the film!

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