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10 January 2014

As 2014 rolls in

Happy New Year!

WELCOME, 2014! The passing year wasn't too friendly: it was fraught with challenges and unexpected difficulties from the workplace and from living in Mumbai. My work contract had ended, and I faced twists and turns that required long trains of thought and quick judgement calls. The year ended with another twist, albeit on a positive note: a new job that I liked, in a new city that would bring me to the heart of the Bahá'í Faith in India.

This year, we'll see a wave of international legislations and regulations that will change the way we live, work, and connect with each other across borders. There will be tons of opportunities to think bigger this year. I look forward to the eternal sources of inspiration in 2014—which, by the way, is not just the Year of the Horse; it's also the International Year of Family Farming, International Year of Crystallography, and International Year of Small Island Developing States. Even with semantics, we never run out of inspiration!

For all of you, may the 365 days ahead be productive and meaningful!


Praveen said...

Paul !! great to hear from you !! , Where are you moving to ?

Praveen said...

Btw you are looking like Ken Watanabe !!

Paul Ancheta said...

LOL! That's very flattering! He looked like a Japanese version of Imran Khan in his younger years :)

Paul Ancheta said...

New Delhi. I've joined Biba Apparels, and I'm based in South Delhi. Give a buzz when you're in the area, and I'll do the same when I hie over there in Bengaluru.

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