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18 November 2018

Joining Lenskart

THIS WEEK, I joined Lenskart to form and run the visual merchandising function for the company. The venture is now the fastest growing eyewear group in India, almost a decade after it started. This marks new beginnings for me. I'm amongst true innovators, entrepreneurs who take risks and go for it, young leaders who always look at new ways of doing things.

The atmosphere at the headquarters is awesome. I'm surrounded by youth and youngness, transformative ingredients that anchor a culture of continuous learning and doing. Jeans at work. Long tables instead of cabins and cubicles. Lounge seats everywhere. A masala chai station. A game room. A sleeping room! I can make a few jokes to my "table-mates" (the executive assistants and the merchants, all old enough to probably NOT know how to repair a broken cassette tape), and expect the jokes to land flat, which makes it even funnier (to me, at least). Everyone moves fast. Everyone talks with passion. Everyone works hard. There's a strong sense of personal ownership and liberty. It's such a contagious spirit.

I'm about to help Lenskart in further changing the way Indians shop for eyewear. What a special thing to join them on this ride.


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