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06 April 2020

COVID-19 : Lockdown essentials #3

WHEN I lived in Israel nearly 20 years ago, the health services center always advised me to drink water as a preventive measure against general sickness. It did make sense, considering how Israel's dry weather could speed up the risk of dehydration. The Associated Press has reported that drinking water won't prevent contracting COVID-19. But there are ways that water can help in these perilous times. The body needs water to function, as it optimizes body processes and fortifies the immune system. Drinking water can also improve cognitive functions, allowing better judgement and wiser decision-making.

I've always found it difficult to maintain my daily water intake when at work. The lockdown has forced me to habituate my daily intake—primarily because the ongoing ban on grocery movements has forced me to stock on bottled water.

Water offers enlightenment against the darkness of COVID-19. Drippy, I know.


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