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30 October 2020

FOCAL POINT : Seth Grahame-Smith, "The Last American Vampire"

FACT AND fiction collide in Seth Grahame-Smith's otherworldy novel, causing hilarious sparks of adventure and horrifying flashes of gore. The collision is delicious and so difficult to avoid. The Last American Vampire (along with Mr. Grahame-Smith's first book, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) will entrance those who love Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian. This is not at all for fans of vampire romance and other supernatural light fare.

The book closes with its best part: an incredibly gory climax that is the bloodiest I've read since Anne Rice in the 1990s. Listing his acknowledgements, Mr. Grahame-Smith gives a shoutout to his readers, making this the first time I've ever been honored by an author).

And then those footnotes. Do read them. They're half of the force that makes this novel such a sensational collision.


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