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28 November 2020

1,000 YouTube subscribers!

MY YOUTUBE channel, Paul Ancheta, has just hit the 1,000-subscriber mark! I can't thank each one of them enough.

YouTube subscribers are a precious commodity. It's the Holy Grail for millions of YouTube users who make either extra income or a full career from their channel revenues. Having 1,000 subscribers is a tiny dot in this galaxy of enterprising video managers. But it amplifies the joy of seeing people love what you do for them.

I joined YouTube in March 2006, shortly after moving to India. Four years later, I posted my first video—a commemoration of our family reunion—to make it accessible to my siblings. The channel then became the repository of my burgeoning interest in doing Barbra Streisand mashups, which I would then post on Facebook fan pages. And that's when the channel's followers began to grow.

My YouTube channel is my contribution to fans of Barbra Streisand, lovers of dance music, and followers of the Baháʼí Faith. I'd like to think that it makes their lives a little better.

I've not been actively posting new videos, but I have to work on that now. Having a following requires consistency. I owe it to them.


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