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29 October 2006

Corinne and Kevin get married!

Kevin McLoughlin and Corinne Padilla

The new Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McLoughlin
Image source: Kevin McLoughlin

THE BRIDE'S delightful singing voice, cool garden breezes, and crashing ocean waves provided the background for Kevin McLoughlin's nuptials to Corinne Padilla last night.

The newlyweds exchanged vows in an intimate Bahá'í wedding ceremony at the seaside Padilla gardens in Palawan Island, Philippines. The venue befits them: they both love the ocean, he as a scuba diver and she as a pure islander.

Kevin Mcloughlin and Corinne PadillaWe were friends back at the Bahá'í World Centre in Israel, getting together on weekends at my flat over irreverent Hollywood DVDs and home-made dinners with the rest of the gang (Ailsa Hedley, Behi Sobhani, Behrooz Behboodi, Kurt Austria, Romina Bahrami, and Sharon Marnell). I spoke to the couple through the mobile phone of my sister-in-law Tara, who attended the wedding with my brother Allan. (“He is your twin!”, Kevin laughed about Allan.) I told them how the gang chatted in MSN a month back and spoke about their wedding. “I wish you were all here, it's so (mild expletive) beautiful,” said the groom.

At the reception, Kevin's brother and sister joined Corinne's family and 200 other guests that included friends who flew in from Israel. Tara basked in the sheer romance of the evening. She gushed over the phone while Corinne sang in the background. “Paul, get yourself an Indian bride," she instructed, "and get married like Corinne and Kevin in these gardens. Ang ganda-ganda! (It's simply ravishing!)”


tahmina, amir & azamat said...

how nice you wrote about their wedding! we too called them last night and they sounded sooooo soooooo happy! i am praying for the newly established fortress of well-being and salvation so it may, by its diversity, unity and love, attract like a magnit a lot of seekers of the truth.

Unknown said...

Beautiful Paul. It was almost like being there. I wish we could have all been there. Ahhhh well, we'll have to try to be there for you and your Indian Bride. When is that happening by the way?
keep me posted.

Unknown said...

Hi Paul, Thanks for the text yesterday that was a lovely surprise! I need to see you online more - I miss you!

I spoke with Corinne and Kevski exactly 24 hours before the wedding and I so wish I could have been there!

Thanks for your photo and description. The happy couple will be moving to Holland to live. Kevin is already working there andwill return shortly and Corinne hopes to get all the legalities and visas sorted to join him by mid December>

For purely selfish reasons I am delighted cos when they are in Europe I can call them for free and even manage a visit or two!

Looking forward to more pictures and news as you read it.

Love Sharon

Unknown said...

dearest k'Poli,

thank you for the update on the wedding, it made us feel we witnessed the wedding in person. now they are happily married :D!

and you? hehe

isra said...

wow!!! amazing!kasi naman kuya paul, take ate Tara's advice! don't forget to send me the invite

Lindsay Lamar said...

The photo is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could have been there!

TheBehst said...

Paul, Paul, Pauly, thanks for sharing the info and the picture. It was good talking to you the other day. I called them shortly after talking to you. Its only right to call at night after the wedding. Any we were at the BVC and the phone got passed around and around so everybody could congradulate the happy couple when they eventually answered the phone. Nice to hear the happy excited voices - even though I wasnt treated to a mild explicative. Take israfil's advice. salamat.

Ming said...

PAUL!! Thanks for posting this up. It's so nice for those of us who couldn't be at the wedding to have a glimpse of it! ;)hope you are doing well. love,ming

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