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29 October 2006

Mark, Mara, and maternity

Mark, Mara, and maternity

Mark and Mara Fojas in expectation
Image source: Mara Fojas

IN A FABULOUS fabulous marital season, the news that Mark and Mara Fojas are expecting their first born is one of the most thrilling.

Imagine the progeny of a witty, willowy Mara and a wise, wholesome Mark. And then imagine the morals of their parents, the music of the Filipino forefathers, and the magic of growing up a Bahá'í. What a wonderful, brilliant star ahead of us!


GWD said...

With your permission I would like to re-post your lovely comments about Mark and Mara on my blog.

Paul Ancheta said...

Please go ahead, George. I will bill you separately :)

:: Paul A.

Mara said...

Dear Paul, Thanks for the little tribute. Is Tito Paul going to come visit baby Fojas? Or will the child just have to go stay with you on its year of service in 18 years? :-)

Paul Ancheta said...

Tito Paul will come play with Little Fojas and teach him a few songs. Make that many songs, because he's half-Filipino and he will naturally sing anyway.

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