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02 April 2007

Lost but not concealed

Dravid, Tendulkar, and Sehwag when India lost

AFTER TEAM India's shameful defeat last week at the ongoing Cricket World Cup Tournament, the players were unable to show their faces in public. They decided to remain isolated in their hotel rooms.

Rahul Dravid could not resist the isolation, so he disguised himself as a Sikh and went out. He met a woman at the hotel exit who greets him, “Hi, Dravid!”

Surprised at having been recognized, he went back and dressed up as a Muslim woman in burkha. He went out, but the same woman greeted him. “Hi, Dravid!”.

Dravid was determined to give it yet another try, this time looking like a Hippie with atrocious wig, sunglasses, and all. But it went in vain. The same lady caught him with the same greeting. “Hi Dravid!&rdquo

Bewildered, he finally asked the woman, “How did you recognize me?”

The lady replied, “I am Sachin!”