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21 April 2007

TRAVEL TALES : Time to leave Manila

Sunset at Manila Bay
Sunset at Manila Bay.

IT WAS time to part ways. Bembem and Neha flew back to Mumbai this afternoon, while I stayed behind to join the family this weekend.

The whirlwind visit captured the best and worst of daily life in Manila. In so many ways, it celebrated the flamboyant artistry and ingenuous craftsmanship of the Filipinos—whether in the the colors of the jeepney and the GK Village along the river, the textures of the Intramuros mansions and the baskets of Quiapo, the rhythms of the airport musicians and the pedicab driver, or the forms of the capiz and the skyscrapers of Makati City.

Hopefully, my Indian colleagues gained enough insights in creativity to share with others back in Mumbai. In the meantime, I need to gorge on Chowking noodle soup and my sister's sinigang na baboy.

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