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17 January 2021

COVID-19 : India begins the vaccination

PRIME MINISTER Narendra Modi has launched one of the world's biggest inoculation drives—targeting India's 10.5 million infections (against a population of 1.4 billion). The country anticipated this inoculation drive highly, as its many lockdowns have not impacted virus control. The first phase of the vaccination rollout targets 30 million healthcare and frontline workers. By July, the government plans to inoculate 300 million people.

There has been growing doubt about the vaccine. Experts have questioned the lack of disclosure over the fast-tracked approval of Covaxin, one of the two vaccines in the country. I have faith in the Indian government, knowing that it will clear the process that allows the vaccine to move forward without contentiousness. With the new virus variants now causing alarm around the world, I welcome the vaccine with relief.


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