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24 January 2021

The Biden inauguration ends with a bang

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN'S inauguration this week was like no other in American history. It went through heightened security measures and COVID-19 precautions in the nation's capital. It also became the first inauguration snubbed by the outgoing president since 1869.

The historic day closed with fireworks and messages of hope, healing, and unity. This is one of the most electrifying fireworks shows that I have ever seen on screen. As Katy Perry performed a dramatically-rearranged "Firework," pyrotechnics burst gleefully around the Washington Monument behind her. That's 35,000 bombs fired from two locations and dancing to Ms. Perry's animated singing. The president, vice-president, and their families watched the entire extravaganza from the White House balcony—a fitting metaphor for the changes that the new administration is about to fire into and light up the skies in the next four years.


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