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01 July 2007

FOCAL POINT : Rohit Rajen, “Untitled Words”

ROHIT RAJEN, a young member of the visual merchandising team at Shopper's Stop, wrote the following in response to my resignation e-mail to the entire team.

I sail past the expanse of plains,
Through the womb of mountains,
And sometimes..
From graves.

This is Journey and I shall travel!

Acoustic silence,
Ripping me apart,
Fear of friends . . .
Drifting away.

Togetherness is a blessing,
Irony of truth kills it.
A pause is not what I see,
What I see is the cause.

A pause is not what I see,
What I see is the cause
Journey is traversal,
I traveled some miles,
Yet to go far.
I write words,
And names . . .
In paper they become story,
In reality—Life!

Come, join me in the celebration,
Because I am born,
And have the reason for freedom & expression.
So beautiful be our creation,
That it becomes one’s Imagination.

We shall be the cause of rejuvenation.

Source: Rohit Rajen, “Untitled Words” (2007)


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