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14 July 2007

Romina and Arman get married!

Arman Imani and Romina Bahrami

The new Mr. and Mrs. Arman Imani
Image source: Arman and Romina Imani

THEY HAVE finally tied the knot. Romina Bahrami and Arman Imani exchanged their marriage vows in a Bahá'í wedding ceremony in Edmonton, Canada on 16 June 2007. I was unable to join or greet them on this special day: I was returning to Mumbai from Delhi and celebrating my birthday at the same time.

The newlyweds have released pictures of their wedding on Flickr.

Romina and Arman with former colleagues from Haifa, Israel

A reunion: Romina and Arman with six of our former colleagues from Haifa, Israel. What fun to see old friends together in one group shot!
Image source: Ailsa Hedley Leftwich

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