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12 July 2007

Farewell, northerners

The VM team of northern India

The visual merchandising team of northern India

THE PUNJABI lunch in New Delhi was quick, yet it took me forever to complete it. I was, after all, busy telling stories of my earliest days in visual merchandising, back when we were still called “display artists”. This was a great audience: my visual merchandising team for northern India, seated around me at the dining table this afternoon one last time. How privileged of me to be with them before my last day of work with Shoppers' Stop!

They gifted me with a silver pen and a silver clown. Did it take them forever to decide what to give me as a farewell memento? Or have I stayed long enough to share with them my gift for gab and gags? I assigned the value of these presents to my love for writing and clowning.

The gift of gab and gags

Silver pen, silver clown

Through the next four hours, there was less laughter and more silence. I looked at this youthful team of the north and thought of the years it took for me to build my career, then I thought of the years ahead of them. This was the team that always impressed me with their sense of styling, layering, and almost snobbish approach to work. What a joy to think of what they can do with the glorious years ahead of them!

I shall miss them greatly, this bunch.


Unknown said...

kuya Paul, you didn't change at all. It's nice to see a shot of you. We hope you are enjoying India :D.

Love, Rhea & Cocoy

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